about Dukhan

sometimes spelled dukhaan with double ”AA” click part 1 to read. Our services available in lagos abuja portharcourt and, ibadan also we offer scented oil massage, here we will talk about Dukhan what’s used and, what we noticed plus quotes and, testimonies, but the benefits of dukhaan click here

About Dukhan

Ready to get into a brown new world of sex, health, beauty, pleasure, neatness aphrodisiac and honest opinions stick around

About Dukhan seduction and, Mind Sex

I remember coming home to inhale the aroma, i could tell that she wants me in her, she smiles when i come in My North Sudannese Girlfriend i was hoping to marry, she fixes water melon and, honey plus milk, when i perceive  the dukhan i know it’s on, she starts making love to me and, the aroma gets me in the mood, she had prepared her vagina so well, and you know it will be so  tight.

i would marry her in a heart beat only problem was the poverty in sudan, she had family who needed too much financial help i had tried to help set up a business but the dukhan and, sex was good enough  for her to take money from me, and she didn’t really want to work.

Dukhan and, Relaxation

i noticed whenever she did the Dukhan she would be so relaxed as the ambiance of the room changed, the aroma, and scent on her skin and, as she sweat inside dripping she felt more human, and let her stress drip with the sweat.

Herbs, woods, and powder used for dukhan

talih wood creates the most adorable scent on the skin, is the special wood it has great aroma (even insects run from the incense) the aroma is seductive, there is a powder called RETUS contains cinannon,  sandal is also used and, some times it’s mixed with misk tahara to make it super, about the herbs there are lots of secrete hidden here, and many herbs used are kept secrete for generations.

DUKNAN INNIGERIA DONE IN LEKKI BY mmhs massage me sex vagina care

Modern stool for dukhan

Dukhan body and vagina sex beauty treatment

About Dukhan and, Massage (scented dilka)

she wanted a massage from me with scented essential oil, the feel of her skin to me was sweet prison, i never cheated on her, how could  i, she was all i saw and, the scent and aroma of her thighs followed me everywhere, she was all in all.


How Often should you Indulge Dukhan in Treatment

i saw her do it every week, atleast once in a week, some times i saw her do it twice to tree times in a week, it depends on how much time we  had to make love, i must say she was very ready, and always kept her gas station open, Men need sex, and women need affection and, when there is respect for the man, and affection plus conversation sex and, lots of love making happens, with the Dukhan there was always a renewal of the tight experience  i felt whenever  i went in.

about Dukhan, benefits for vagina, skin and scented oil massage, click to know cities with service like abuja lagos portharcourt and, ibadan,

Dukhan benefit the vagina health and, skin radiance


Modern chair or stool for Dukhan

about Dukhan, benefits for vagina, skin and scented oil massage, click to know cities with service like abuja lagos portharcourt and, ibadan,

Talih wood for sale in North Sudan

In Indonesia it is called Retu treatment, women visit once a month usually after their period to ensure it”s clean, smell nice, shaped to look at least 5 years younger and finally to tighten the vagina. they see it as a routine practice to freshen up, unlike some educated and, successful women in Northen sudan who are educated and feel Dukhan practice reduces them to sex objects, in a world where Arab women are fighting for equality with the men (more successful and educated women are seen parking their jeeps and, suv in sudan markets to purchase herbs and woods for dukhan nonetheless)  Educated Indonesian women see it as bathing, personal hygiene, an opportunity to reset their vaginas, and it brings a more sensitive bliss Full pleasure to them and there men is all a good, and a welcome development.

click here to view part 1 of About Dukhan and, view some benefits 

some benefits of Dukhan

#1 tightens the vagina
#2 reduce discharge
#3 improve blood circulation to the vagina
#4 cures yeast infection and balances the vagina yeast presence
#5 its Anti bacteria
#6 its anti fungal
#7 strengthens the pelvic floor muscles
#8 helps the body fight syphilis
#9 helps the body fight gonorrhea
#10 heals rheumatism
#11 attaches the hymen (way cheaper and natural than doing surgeries)
#12 Leaves your body scenting
#13 smooth your skin
#14 gives the skin a pleasant scent
#15 improves chances of getting pregnant (when special fertility herbs are added)
#16 gives expanded vagina a younger look physical
#17 relaxes your body
#18 natural aphrodisiac

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