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Back pain waist pain also, quick tip

Stretching (stretching benefits click here ) with massage helps several cases of back pain, & waist pain. In Lagos Abuja portharcourt &, ibadan when we profile the Callers of individuals with waist, back, and neck pain, we soon realize they are mostly office staffs. They are the most busiest individuals who work on desk like white collar jobs, you will find customer service representatives also in these cities, so we wrote Back pain waist pain also, quick tip on how to release the stress.

naturally customer service representatives, aren’t left out, after seating long hours daily picking call, working on the laptops. Computer users  suffer the same predicament it’s funny i too typing have had a nasty back pain even to my throat and, to be honest i thought i had an infection.

In some cases regular use of pain killers worsen the situation over time as the pain killers become less effective, this is where the pain starts  to be very unbearable.

Back pain waist pain also, quick tip ibadan lagos mainland ikeja vi abja

Back pain waist pain also, quick tip as follows:

1 notice a back pain and, you are tempted to pop a pill or 2, well you should probably wait it out

2 Re occurring back pain is a sign of a more serious issue so don’t treat it, fix whatever issues that makes the pain keep coming back first, could be your car seat, office table and, chair even infection

3 If you have an infection or you suspect you have one, eg bacteria infection then visit a physician

4 Book a massage and, ensure that the massage is not done with massage oil but with neurogesic gel or deep heat or a recommend ointment for body rejuvenation

these are Back pain waist pain quick tip and, they are easy to follow.

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NOW HOT TO USE MASSAGE TO DEAL WITH Back pain waist pain also, quick tip

Identify the spinal cord, give it a sweet release touch and, feel just after draining the armpit, this tip is simply for every day people, you cant massage the spin, apply the ointment on the parts that hurt, gently massage the side of the spine from the lumbar spine to the thoracic and, release the energy towards the armpit.

Back pain waist pain also, quick tip

Back pain waist pain also, quick tip do not put so much pressure actually feel the  back with your full palm.

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