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camouflage you massage bed

you can camouflage you massage bed, few people are judgmental towards massage, and even more judgemental when you indulge in massage with the opposite sex as a professional therapist, that’s a story for another day. When a stranger walks into your leaving room or private room to see a massage bed, you may get the judgmental eyebrow hence the reason for this sofa why this design is perfect to camouflage you massage bed

I remember while some clients requested that Massage therapist especially in Lagos wear uniform a lot or even more clients preferred a discrete appearance thats why we created the EX Pricelist to help with that

This is the EX Massage bed (EX Means executive in @mmhsmassageme vocabulary) fits into your leaving room furniture some rooms at the Intercontinental Hotel have something like this, but they weren’t thinking about massage when they designed those ones at the hotel, this one has discrete massage creativity written all over it, to view more on the online store click here this is a sofa like no other

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