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sometimes spelled dukhaan with double ”AA” click part 1 to read. Our services available in lagos abuja portharcourt and, ibadan also we offer scented oil massage, here we will talk about Dukhan what’s used and, what we noticed plus quotes and, testimonies, but the benefits of dukhaan click here About Dukhan Ready to get into a brown new world of sex, health, beauty, pleasure, neatness aphrodisiac and honest opinions stick around About Dukhan seduction and, Mind Sex I remember coming home to inhale the aroma, i could tell that she wants me in her, she smiles when i come in My North Sudannese Girlfriend i wasRead More →

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LDM and MLD massage are unique to the post lipo treatment, unfortunately not enough people are aware of the preventive pre and, post massage for surgery, some think it’s excess pampering to get a massage before surgery but in realit a massage is a great prelude to positive and, relaxing feelings. abuja ldm home service massage therapist are well trained and, you find we cover unique grounds across the country. abuja ldm home service massage therapist We will help with counseling the best medications and, post care treatments and, offer advice and training on how to maintain your new exotic body other massage and, servicesRead More →

In lagos abuja and, Port harcourt w have directly helped relieve fibrosis after lipo suction went south. Fibrosis is actually a disease characterized by the inflammation and hardening of skin tissue. fibrosis treatment after lipo sunction, lymphatic drainage massage ldm and, mld fails, this becomes an issue,

A friend of mine in lekki lagos suffers a lot of memmory loss, and still MMHS Massage is about Health, Beauty and, Lifestyle we decided to help with a bit o information, here is what we gathered the 15 food for the Brain is about relaxing, focus and, memory       WALNUTS Just munching a few a day improves your cognitive health their high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals improve mental alertness, yes ”walnuts can help keep you from going nuts”   TURMERIC SPICE A chemical called curcumin is found in this spice, its a great anti-inflammatory agent,  also turmeric boost antioxidant levels and,Read More →