Swing your arms for a natural walking pattern port harcourt massage

General body movements helps with lymphatic drainage of the whole body, so that’s one reason to Swing your arms for a natural walking pattern✔️ 👣 Walking is a complex motor pattern but is often taken for granted since everyone does it. Just like any other movement pattern (squatting, lunging, running), you can be efficient and skilled at it or inefficient and dysfunctional 👣 Arm swing is one aspect of walking that is very important. The opposite side arm and leg should be extending at the same time for a natural human walking pattern. The same concept applies for running. The amount and intensity of theRead More →

home service massage trending post abuja

Happy New Month of February….. Here are top post #health & #fitness with #Massage We know you are very busy, but PLEASE HELP OUR FEMALE MASSAGE THERAPIST IN IBADAN is contesting to win best makeup artist kindly visit http://www.blingzmagazine.com/vote click *vote number 19, select atundabeauty. thank you Atunda: recreating your beauty… Full body massage along the ldm map is different from post lipo sunction ldm https://goo.gl/5Cd6mg Get Opinion of massage and, yoga practitioners on life challenges https://goo.gl/Vpb7hc how to book MMHS Massage ME home service massage online stress free https://goo.gl/pStB36   5 Short benefits of Stretching https://goo.gl/t9ngmV   claudication can massage play any relevant roleRead More →

Massage Therapist Rely on Tips especially in Lagos

Whether is a male to female massage (females sometimes don’t see a massage guy as a professional and, feel the massage guy is lucky to be massaging their bodies, that’s very wrong) in Lagos Abuja Port Harcourt or Ibadan or female to male service, Massage Therapist Rely on Tips especially in Lagos or any busy city where is best to take a taxi, is really about hygiene and, appearing fresh. Most massage therapists with MMHS make a least of N10 000 to N12000 per every massage attended to, so likely when a Massage Therapist works as much as 3 times that’s N30000 aRead More →