Massage Therapist Rely on Tips especially in Lagos

Whether is a male to female massage (females sometimes don’t see a massage guy as a professional and, feel the massage guy is lucky to be massaging their bodies, that’s very wrong) in Lagos Abuja Port Harcourt or Ibadan or female to male service, Massage Therapist Rely on Tips especially in Lagos or any busy city where is best to take a taxi, is really about hygiene and, appearing fresh. Most massage therapists with MMHS make a least of N10 000 to N12000 per every massage attended to, so likely when a Massage Therapist works as much as 3 times that’s N30000 aRead More →

mmhs massage me IBADAN home service mobile hotel massage

service in lagos abuja port harcourt & ibadan full body scrubs or massage at home or hotel i.e mobile therapy to get the best result it’s also customized to fit you, below are the various massage types we offer.Read More →

Ikeja Lagos Mainland Massage

chat open in lagos abuja port harcourt ibadan world wide for massage lovers Massage chat room for every day people who want to talk to every day people about massage, so we introduced Massage Chat room with videos &, Pictures no sign in no registration, meet people now click above image and, join the chat room. Best Time of The Day to meet People in Chat room The chat room is more active from 11 pm and you will want to leave your notification on just in case someone sends a message Private message Enabled in Chat room is very possible to send anyone a privateRead More →