about Dukhan, benefits for vagina, skin and scented oil massage, click to know cities with service like abuja lagos portharcourt and, ibadan,

sometimes spelled dukhaan with double ”AA” click part 1 to read. Our services available in lagos abuja portharcourt and, ibadan also we offer scented oil massage, here we will talk about Dukhan what’s used and, what we noticed plus quotes and, testimonies, but the benefits of dukhaan click here About Dukhan Ready to get into a brown new world of sex, health, beauty, pleasure, neatness aphrodisiac and honest opinions stick around About Dukhan seduction and, Mind Sex I remember coming home to inhale the aroma, i could tell that she wants me in her, she smiles when i come in My North Sudannese Girlfriend i wasRead More →

Dukhan body and vagina sex beauty treatment

Dukhan body and vagina sex beauty treatment it is a solemn personal ceremony done after a scented oil massage, it’s specially performed by sudanese married women, or ladies about to be married. women do this as an healthy routine for their most womanly part which is the vagina. A woman strips naked wraps her self in blanket and seats in a burning hole (modern times, modern furniture in form of stools and, chairs are used) to smoke her vagina, butt hole and, entire skin also benefits judging by silky perfection the body.             VIRGINITY AND, DUKHAN the slow burning dukhan tightensRead More →