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Claudication and, massage abuja

We are writing  this post for a Client in Abuja FCT to help him better understand what mobile or home service or even self massage can do to help. “claudicare” meaning to limp  a condition in which cramping pain in the lower leg occurs due to inadequate blood  flows, is induced by exercise, typically caused by obstruction of the arteries. Read more to understand Claudication and, massage introduction.

What causes claudication?

in Simple terms it’s caused by majorly obstruction of the arteries to get more details click here

claudication and massage https://www.medicinenet.com/claudication/article.htm#what_causes_claudication


This type of claudication happens more during exercise, when there is not enough oxygen going through the arteries, there is a narrowing which results in the discomforts you feel in your legs.

What can cause the artery narrowing that leads to claudication?

Intermittent claudication can be due to temporary artery narrowing due to spasm of the artery (vasospasm), permanent artery narrowing due to atherosclerosis, or from the complete blockage of an artery of the leg.


What is the treatment for claudication that relates to massage?

there are no massage therapy that treats claudication, except you want a mental assistance with a big of massage to help relieve the symptoms, to treat claudition surgery, drugs and more recommendation by  A Physician is required

Claudication and, Physical Therapy

The treatment goals are:

(1) to reduce limb symptoms,

(2) to improve exercise capacity and prevent or lessen physical disability, and

(3) to reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular events.

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