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MMHS MASSAGE ME Company offer massage service in Lagos Abuja Port-harcourt & Ibadan our couples massage in Lagos are two types, regular couples massage in Lagos, and our couples massage in Lagos plus event like wedding anniversary, honey moon or engagement party if you are looking for a dynamic massage service in Lagos plus event service then you are at the right place. If you follow this link you get to see our office cooperate massage events click here 


Couples massage In Lagos plus event

i just want to share my opinion on the wedding anniversary recently planned and, executed by @mmhsmassageme Massage Service In Lagos plus event though this service happened in Abuja, MMHS MASSAGE ME has these exciting packages across the main cities of Nigeria, they are not a regular massage service.

So in Abuja the Room was decorated by 3 female massage therapist though Tracy

did the shopping, the decorations was put together by the 2 female massage therapist doing the massage a unique price of N100 000 was charged which included the massage, ambiance set up, wine, cake, flowers, balloons and, more all these beautiful additions plus champagne (oh i already mentioned wine but i wasn’t specific) were left behind after the couples massage

It was a unique anniversary when the wife walked in to an already decorated room,, looking romantic and, extra extra, the music was on i could say the place was just romantic heaven, the massage was done with hot hot oil, though i would have preferred the wife had a male therapist but that will be pushing it, as the couples were rather conservative.

thanks for reading contact mmhs massage me events to plan ypour own events

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