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How a relaxation massage might fit People in Abuja, not lagos ibadan or portharcourt

does massage slow down aging ? Few days ago while i was talking about this with a  female friend she said there is a lady who does massage every week, and it’s impossible to tell  her age, shortly she had a massage given she is beautiful and Bi-Racial she turned down the clock and, was looking younger after a 90 minutes massage.

I actually felt very exhausted after the massage i felt empty, the glow on her face lifted me up, and it was obvious that she looked younger, she got home safely and, she realized she looked fairer as well, i told her what i know for sure, some women use regular massage to slow down aging.

If you are looking for scientific proof well here it is, The Human Body does better with Alkaline in take in form of rich fruits, nuts, distilled water etc (the ides is to be Vegan as much as possible) is very great for the kidneys and helps get ride of toxins, but did you Know that massage is almost like drinking water, though externally you drain the body within improve the flow and dispose the toxins.

30 minutes sleep in massage has the same healthy benefit you get in 2 hours sleep, so if you get a massage as regular as possible you will experience the results


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does massage slow down aging

yes it does, it does have numerous benefits and, slowing down aging is 1 given the situations observed by regular massage receivers, for more benefits of massage click here

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does massage slow down aging


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