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In this post we seek to document how professional Zainab R is and, how advanced her massage therapy skills have become.

There are two Zainab’s within MMHS MASSAGE ME, Zainab R has a rather striking appeal when it comes to emphatic massages, she is able to understand very quickly the mood and, nature of her clients, she is upfront about massage therapy being a personal and, professional skill, though recently introduced to @mmhsmassage and also did a quick brushing up course, Zainab R has some very good feedback in massage therapy.

We do hope she can improve on her Ambiance setup with more creativity, as you know @MMHSMASSAGEME prides itself in setting up a better massage ambiance using candles, music, petals, aromatherapy in the FC Package while we offer an oppourtunity to book a massage Table.

Here are images of zainab

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