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How a relaxation massage might fit People in Abuja, not lagos ibadan or portharcourt

During our massage training class today we talked about how a Swedish massage was different fro a relaxation massage, we also defied the environment’s impact the stress and, mostly the daily challenges and, we saw How a relaxation massage might fit People in Abuja, not Lagos Ibadan or Portharcourt

We all know people who leave in Abuja can’t leave in Lagos especially if they have experienced the Abuja life for a long period of time, if they have to work in Lagos and, leave in Lagos they might just pass out in the open crowd thinking about it. But does massage have to do with it?

Going about the daily traffic and, inconveniences in Lagos requires you to get a therapeutic massage every opportunity you get

While a therapeutic massage seeks to heal you, reduce pain and, bring you back to your 100% Relaxation massage cant guarantee much other than sleep inducing or deeper relaxation.

You might your muscles and, tissue worked on properly, your back might be hurting and, all you get in a relaxation massage (that doesn’t treat but bings feelings of relaxation) is just the feeling of relaxation, perhaps that suggest why Abuja is leading in Relaxation and, Lagos is leading bookings in Swedish and, deep tissue massage

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