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massage in Lagos is 100% needed if possible at home or hotel but spas near by or around me work pretty well, but the question of full body massage sort of gives me a little bit of concern as compared to how i feel about relaxation massage

How i feel about Relaxation massage

How i feel about Relaxation massage i seriously dig the idea, yes i do even more than a full body massage because i really am in need of just relaxing, some of these therapist be pulling an XXX Movie on you in the name of Full body massage, but when you say you want a relaxation massage round your whole body they start to understand that you want a professional massage.

Sometimes i have to sell my expectations that i am hoping to sleep, the thing here is sex is cheap and, there is no need for me to substitute a therapeutic experience for fun when i need a massage.

Although sexual needs do exist but i rather have that sorted out the right way, some people have never had quality massage and, don’t understand how it feels when metallic sylicate is applied to relieve pains and, the muscles worked on, the long relaxing strokes, and gentle kneading and, the benefit of sleeping through massage.

Did you know?

Did you know that 1 hour sleep during a massage amounts to 3 hours real time sleep, not to mention the great bliss you feel after a massage.

A relaxation massage is a mood booster also/
I even prefer between me and, my Lady we have a relaxation massage during our couples massage

now you know How i feel about Relaxation massage is awesome and should be the number 1 choice when you want to relax or suffer from insomnia

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