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So a lady walked in our Post lipo med spa in Ikota lekki lagos to start Her proper healing process after her Lipo suction and, she mentioned how she was so scared of Tummy tuck and, she hasn’t gotten the desired results she wants from the liposuction

When the fat is in excess a one time tummy tuck can do the magic, and the Doctors are great at leaving minimal scaring they will always have to move the belly button most times because a large skin and, fat area is cut of, but now we are looking at alternatives

1st and, only alternative will be go through 2 or 3 lipo suctions with post lipo massage and give space between the Lipo suctions, in between your lifestyle must be decent enough to discourage your body from gaining more fat

After the first lipo you will certainly have to return but a rerun of lipo has its advantages at-least you get the result and, your body changes in a more believable manner especially if you don’t want people to know you had surgery

how ever if you are really big you may have to consider tummy tuck

The key remains in your massages within 2 weeks you want to have a very nice feel, no lumps, no seroma, or anything that will complicate you going back for another lipo, like anything that hardens up the skin tissue else you require massage to soften up the area, not that its a much of a big deal given the lipo is done through the lymphatic nodes but you will feel totally discouraged if you had one lipo and, you were left with lumps or fibrosis because the massage therapist or healing process wasn’t proper

more qustion o you would like o book a pofessional Mld, Ldm massage post lipomodeling massage contact us, you have lumps fibrosis or seroma, get in here 07036761574 @mmhsmassageme (fb and, instagram)

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