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Mmhs home service massage in Lekki has been a 5 & 6 for 4 years plus including Ikoyi and Victoria Island

here it the unique thing about Lekki before the covid 19 mmhs home service massage had more bookings around the hours of 9pm to 10pm but post covid 19 you can imagine with the curfew what we had to deal with

looking at the situation we devised a means born out of necessity for folks looking to have their massage which helps them sleep better at around 9pm to book earlier while we are in the process of recruiting massage therapist closer to VI and ikoyi as opposed to our Lekki Massage therapist

Lekki and home service massage post Covid 19

Do you know that stress helps the build up of viruses in the body

at times when you look at the situations of dealing with covid 19 you see that if you are into deep With precaution Your life become incomplete (got that from a Damian Marley Song “don’t be into deep or you be incomplete” )

however we exercise our personal hygiene and stay safe always

In part 2 we will update what mmhs home service massage precautions we have taken for the therapist and Client sake. #stayblessed #dtaysafe

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