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massage in lagos

Amongst women looking for male massage therapist in lagos within lekki, Vi ikoyi and evening ikeja we realized you can’t get a good feedback

With ladies who use both male and female therapist they all say male massage therapist are much better, more detailed, more involved and even more focused

women who have massages are conscious of their health like most women they are also conscious of their body’s and the respect shown to their bodies by male therapist is recorded to be better

Massage Oil and Women
still on how women value their bodies, we know from records that the best oil mixers are masseurs as compared to masseuse

Women and Privacy

usually because of the culture (that doesn’t really judge but comments) women tend to book female Therapost but a male to female client record shows that women are growing to male therapist yet most male therapist booked were booked by Fellow men for women

maybe we should look into a balance situation we’re our customer service keep pushing the option for both male and female therapist to women while we always practice the culture of letting ladies decide as we al have preference and reasons to back it

thank you 🙏

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