MMHS Massage Me Home service Massage has been training therapist through mentor-ship, now we are improving our training style which remains through mentor-ship, to take it to the next we set up an office in Ikota shopping complex right after VGC Lekki, Lagos. Massage therapist Training is officially open to the general public.

Training shouldn’t be done according to the old code, we will take the virtues of the old code and, improve on them while we introduce the new code, by Virtues of the old code we mean IT after training, and from there a therapist has better chance of getting jobs, now that’s the old code, The new code plus the old code is what we do, we Train and, recruit as much as we can, and eventually we hope to get more People working home service massage in Lagos, Abuja, Port harcourt and, Ibadan while every city outside these 4 cities will enjoy priority in promotions making Home Service Massage possible

Massage Therapist Training lagos abuja port harcourt and,, ibadan Nigeria

Massage Therapist Training lagos abuja port harcourt and,, ibadan Nigeria

Who can train with MMHS Massage Me Massage Therapist Training

Anyone and, any therapist can train, certified or not because you can never stop learning, however for those with experience and, training a short correction course will be given to correct the popular misinformation in technique surrounding massage therapy


Yes and, No certainly we will take many therapist and, our associates will take some more, eventually we can say 80% can get great jobs, for us it depends on the quality of your character, and everyone know MMHS Massage Me therapist have good character, good character can never go out of fashion.


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