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Now you can book male massage therapist in lagos abuja fct ibadan and ph port harcourt, Masseurs are the best in some cases, Since its Home Service or hotel mobile massage the perception is different but to be honest Massage Guys are more patient and, professional


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What does your son do Mazi Ebuka? My son is a Doctor, and you Mazi Chinonso, My  son is a lawyer, Mazi Okonkwo ahh…. my son is doing massage o, Now all The Mazis shout chai….. for men or for women? (At this point Mazi Okonkwo doesn’t know what to say, if he says for men, It may appear his son is an homosexual, if he say for women, the son is a male prostitute) So Mazi Okonkwo says “una i don’t know odi ka serious issue in  the family right now”


Now you can book male massage therapist in lagos abuja fct ibadan and ph port harcourt
smart male masseur in Ibadan for home or mobile massage service


Ladies are totally on the receiving End of Judgmental criticism if they ever! ever!! mention the  word Man and, massage together!!!

like that”s not bad enough  some ye ye (permit me to use the word) are claiming to be male masseurs and, can’t even go through 20 minutes of massage without making the situation awkward.

Some women are scared to lay their bodies bear on the altar of relaxation for fear of rape. In Abuja the Ladies are more open as compared to lagos, Ibadan the ladies are more open as compared to Port harourt and, this is sad really because some women don’t want to be touched by other women, and yet can’t get quality massage.

The fact that massagemehomeservices.com is an online outfit might not help so much, built in life if you keep looking at the negatives nothing really happens for you, so i scratch that online part as irrelevant as compared to the single word that umbrella’s it all Fear, or the phrase Fear of the unknown, because online or not some ladies carry fear like its their handbags everywhere male therapist are mentioned

Marriage is also a reason why women won’t indulge as there are limitations and, in my opinion i see it as marriage and, that’s between two people, so married people do whats best for you.

Now you can book male massage therapist in lagos abuja fct ibadan and ph port harcourt

Fear has kept a lot of memorable relaxing and therapeutic moments away. but today i tell you (i sound like a preacher he he he aha a) today i tell you many women are now taking the chance outside popular culture to get  a proper massage from a Male Therapist.


we can  go on and on about how we do hot towel massage before therapeutic like swedish and deep tissue using metallic sylicate and finally do a hot oil or rather, essential hot oil full body or relaxation massage, we can guarantee a proper 1 hour or 90 minutes or even 2 hours massage, plus the ambiance created with candles, music, aromatherapy petals, and, more, but all these word will fall to infertile ground if you don’t place a call through and, find out what we are about.

MMHS Massage Me home service mobile hotel massage abuja port harcourt ibadan lagos
Radisson Blu Hotel lagos

build your confidence through regular conversation, read our post, visit our blogs, our service providers, talk to Austin  (blogger on massage) and basically create a personal culture a more relaxed atmosphere and, eventually have a better unique experience of how massage could be without culture and, fear.

Thank you for reading, hope now you can book male massage therapist in lagos abuja fct ibadan and ph port harcourt, Do call us, text or even whatsapp 07036761574 or chat online. Have a Blessed day.


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