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Recently we discovered ab property for sale in lekki osapa Eti-osa  Lagos the Van Daniel Estate house in lekki Lagos designed like a home spa, with steam baths and everything that makes it a unique home, it’s a 4 bedroom duplex with a boys quarters marketted by Ostin Realty 08107911003

Let’s indulge you with pictures

Van Daniel Estate house in lekki Lagos designed like a home spa, also Spring Apartment Hotel Like designed were on Ostin Realty choice properties

Getting an apartment is one of the most important decisions anyone can make because it tells directly on your health and, happiness.

Ostin Realty understands the need to settle down more into comfort and, so write about Them.

“Estate houses in lekki Lagos are designed like a home spa is sold between 35million and, above but we suggest the jacuzzi should be the judge” Ostin Realty

Let’s look at security as well

but the greatest threat to security is inequality of society, when you look at Estates like mini towns like Banana Island The residents are all within the same financial class and, that goes the furthest to securing their lives and, properties,

 features you don’t have to worry about when you contact Ostin Realty

1 Serviced Generator Plant (silent)

2 Electrical fence

3 night fence security

4 Customized security gate

5 Drainage system to quickly take out rain water

6 CCTV Security camera for every house

7 Security gate house and, more

As for the interior it has always been made to fit the standard of a spa

Interior for kitchen include

1 microwave

2 gas cooker

3 oven

6 kitchen cabinet and more finishes like air Extractor, fitted Table top Gas Burner etc

interior for bathrooms

1 jacuzzi

2 steam shower

3 mirrors

4 quality italian tile finishing and more

Let’s go back to more pictures

The Environment you buy a houses in lekki Lagos Abuja Or Dubai must be situated at environmental friendly areas

In Lekki people are bothered about flood, ikoyi has it’s bad days with inner roads pot holes, Abuja is pretty awesome for most parts and, Dubai is good to go.

Most times when Folks try to acquire property either for rental income or land banking they out on checking how the environment affects their investment

Thank you for reading to get more details on Ostin Realty call or whatsapp 08107911003 thank you. or vist website ostinrealty.com

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