valentine gifts and massage in lagos and abuja home service

So we are contributing to ensure you have a great Valentine today, well our phone line is open for fast tips yu can also visit or click here now for what we have for the free valentine gifts   we will Get you a good wine Wine will be of good quality, it will be delivered when you book a massage from wednesday till saturday.   We will get you dark chocolates Dark chocolates has lots of sexual benefits and, super romantic effect….   if you have more ideas of how we can help make this valentine memorable for you, comment below or give us a callRead More →

valentine ideas massage me home service massage abuja lagos

Thinking of a great way to mark this valentine? Am single so i dream a lot of how this valentine would have been and, i have also been in relationships I have to say Massage is the best way to mark this valentine, a Couples massage is key to a brilliant romantic getaway, continue reading for  more valentine ideas We know that rough economic times are around so when you book we will deliver Valentine treats for free read more here Now for the main Valentine Ideas Write a poem. You don’t have to be shake spear or A lyricist like Amaru Shakur (2pac) when Read More →

typing to much affect neck and back massage in ibadan nigeria oyo state

Can typing too much affect not only your hand and wrist? ANSWER: but also your neck? Yes it can! Yesterday I worked on someone with wrist, elbow, shoulder, and neck pain. she types all day. Using the NKT testing protocol, I found the extensor muscle of her middle finger to be weak, the others were fine. That weakness was related to her overworked wrist, elbow, shoulder, and neck. Released the over active areas, then activated the middle finger extensor (hah!). She was amazed at how one tiny muscle could affect so many others. Kinetic chains tend to do that. Credit to : @davidnkt1951  Read More →