Claudication and, massage abuja

We are writing  this post for a Client in Abuja FCT to help him better understand what mobile or home service or even self massage can do to help. “claudicare” meaning to limp  a condition in which cramping pain in the lower leg occurs due to inadequate blood  flows, is induced by exercise, typically caused by obstruction of the arteries. Read more to understand Claudication and, massage introduction. What causes claudication? in Simple terms it’s caused by majorly obstruction of the arteries to get more details click here INTERMITTENT CLAUDICATION COMES AND, GOES This type of claudication happens more during exercise, when there is not enough oxygenRead More →

Short summary of the benefit of Massage abuja

Before we  continue the Short summary of the benefit of Massage we must know or let Our Future Clients in abuja ibadan port harcourt and, lagos (and other states we are opening in Nigeria) know Despite Massage benefits, massage isn’t meant as a replacement for regular medical care. This is the reason why there are lot’s of problem in therapy trying to heal what can’t be undone by alternative medicine : Short summary of the benefit of Massage Anxiety Digestive disorders Fibromyalgia Headaches Insomnia related to stress Myofascial pain syndrome Soft tissue strains or injuries Sports injuries Temporomandibular joint pain Beyond the benefits for specificRead More →

happy 2018 to you, every year or any new year has principles fundamental Rules that are in natural accordance that supports nature, here we share these principles when practiced daily you leave and, lead your life in the right direction here are the healthy personal tips for the new year Follow a Heart-Healthy Diet  Eat more fruits and veggies. To eat more you should probably grow yours as well, farming a little could relieve stress Choose whole grains. Try brown rice instead of white. Switch to whole wheat pasta it’s amazing Choose lean proteins like poultry, fish, beans, and legumes. Cut down on processed foods, sugar,Read More →