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why do you get massages lagos

Physical Memory or rather Physical memories are associated with your body, what you us your body for, There is a new scientific breakthrough that enabled scientist to tell if you sat in a place at a certain time or hour almost like when Dogs sniffs you out from an Hidden place, keep reading to understand physical memory and massage

Do you remember the first time you had a massage? well if you do you will remember it was probably nice or maybe not so good depending on your therapist. Now if it was good then you have a physical memory, it’s  usually associated with pleasure

Why SHADGURU advice to keep Physical memory under check

Assuming you are a virgin about to get married and, you have never been with the opposite sex and, don’t know how good a touch can feel you may be relatively safe even if your partner is a bad sexual partner, now physical memories created over various experiences may not leave in a hurry so if you are involved in a pleasure habit like drugs, alcohol, fetish etc you will find your conscience constantly losing the battle to your body, now that’s the essence of understanding physical memory.


Physical Memory and Massage

Now let’s look at massage it is almost impossible for persons who experience sexual massage to be happy with good therapeutic except they fall asleep during relaxing massage, or except they have good controls of their bodies, that is why an age genre of Spiritual minded people don’t shake hands with younger generation and, would never agree to a massage. There are People young and, old who know massage could create an addiction and, will only agree to proper massage practice if need be.

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