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stem cells drugs and lipo lgos abuja

In Lagos ofice a ikota lekki during My Post lipo care for a Lady who had surgery just the previous day a night after her opening where we are supposed to drain during our MLD (manual lymphatic drainage massage) she was already closed on her left side where her nodes were mean’t to be open because it wasn’t a non invasive surgery

after just 2 days also her left thigh with the opening closed up despite have a masseuse accompany her to help with the mld to keep that spot open.

When i realized her rapid healing which isn’t a good idea in this scenario where it is easier to body shape and, contour right from the stage of mld seeing her close up fluid within her body was a no no.

When i noticed the rapid healing on the very first day of massage we spent 4 hour and some minutes draining her, eventually the next day we spent another 3 hours and, some minutes, long story on the 3rd day she had complete healed all holes, this is where it gets tricky

It may seem like a good idea but it’s not, if you can drain properly then chances of doing a rigorous ldm (lymphatic drainage massage) reduces i found out at the very last day of her massage she had been taking stem cells drugs, i would prefer during the process of mld even till ldm we drain all we can without the body healing rapidly and tucking fluid which eventually hardens up and requires a much rigorous massage making it difficult to body shape during an ldm modeling massage

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