advantages and, disadvantages of repeat therapist

book a massage therapist in lagos abuja port harcourt and, ibadan. Most of Our therapist are repeat therapist, so they must be doing something right. Service available 7am till 10pm massage booking. Tonight i decided to throw my opinion on using the same therapist over and, over again, i suspect using the same therapist sort of breaks the professional walls as talking as regards male to female relaxation massage or female to male massage with repeat therapist.

Repeat Therapist

male to female relaxation massage or female to male massage with repeat therapist. Repeat Therapist


Benefits of repeat therapist or sticking to a therapist

you don’t need to explain too much how you prefer the pressure applied on your body during a massage

you don’t have to giver address or direction to your home over and, over again

The therapist is much more conversant with your body challenges and, can continue from where he or she stopped especially for therapeutic massage.

physiotherapy results can easily be achieved with repeat therapist who are noting the progress you make along the way.

having a repeat therapist builds better conversation and peace of mind

and there are many more benefits to use the same therapist over and, over again but there are some downsides and i want us to look at that.

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Downsides of Repeat Therapist

You may never recover emotionally if something intimate were to happen because it sets a road for uncertainty

the standard of massage drops

the idea of dating starts in the most unprofessional manner

even if the standard of massage remains the same the therapist may seem to be passive

client may get tired and won’t be able to change hands for lack of enthusiasm

client might start developing feelings and, be uncertain the emotional disposition of the therapist if he or she request to change hands

massage might become boring…………

there might be some level of indiscipline that could spoil the reputation of the Massage Service in Charge of the Therapist

Referrals i mean direct refferals might go to the therapist instead of The Massage Service in Charge of the therapist Professional career

Might lead to a rift between therapist and, Massage Company especially when the Clients go pass the Massage Service to make direct contact with Therapist.

and there could be more therapist not withstanding if it makes you comfortable to use a repeat therapist by all means do, but keep a joker card just in case

home service massage therapist in fct abuja nigeria

home service massage therapist in fct abuja nigeria

Advice for Clients that Repeat Therapist

Don’t feel obligated to repeat a therapist always


If you ever feel Romantic towards the therapist make it official and, don’t take advantage  of the familiarity


Remember you are a professional

stay positive it might not last forever

introduce other therapist it won’t block your light

feel free to decline a repeated client if the colors you view from your side of the lens is beginning to bring discomfort


thank you for reading, for bookings and, inquiries in lagos abuja, port harcourt and, ibadan contact 07036761574 whatsapp enabled, or chat online



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