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sabali sabali sabali (”speak life, leave a humble and, meek life, try to search and, seek life” Damian Marley), (”fill everyday with pure life, with every moment of pure love, all these virtues may not be possible without sabali” Augustine Moses Odigie)

sabali is everywhere in massage, sabali is massage, sometimes a massage therapist encounters the most inhuman perssonality and, inhuman environment, and you have to channel the virtues of patience and, healing even when the value of your time or skill is not financially appreciated, the frustration is crazy and, at that point you have to be sabali


follow the link click sabali see the incredible music created by Damian Marley and, Nas bring to life the original Sabali by Amadou &, Mariam click to see youtube video

Sabali is the first thing we look for in a Therapist without patience there can be no real therapy, that’s why we feel sometimes that a 30 minutes duration massage is a joke, and  most inquiries for 30 minutes massage are jerks who are looking to jerk off, or randy women looking for fun.

                                          SABALI AND MASSAGE

body therapist Lekki ikoyi Abuja ikeja vi ph Ibadan lagos Across Nigeria.

Patience is a virtue for us it’s a principle, to be polite and, patient with our clients is everything, though it’s difficult sometimes when all you want to do is contribute positively, like yesterday a Client had a massage, he was involved in a Car injury and, while we tried to get the best Therapist to help him feel better, and heal better the Clients confident a young lady showed no sabali at all, and we almost had to throw the towel, we couldn’t send a Therapist without the gift of healing. Long story short eventually the Right Therapist got to  him in Abuja, and the client was better, but today we were successful  because of Sabali


thank you for reading, book us, make inquiries today MMHS MASSAGE ME Lagos Abuja Ibadan and, Port harcourt 07036761574 but above all spread Love and, Sabali shallom

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