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scar tissue and, deep tissue massage abuja port harcourt ibadan

This post scar tissue and, deep tissue massage was written for client’s dealing with scars in Abuja also Lagos island and, mainland, and specially written for a post surgery lipo client dealing with scars, we want you to know that in some cases based on perspective scars tells a beautiful story about life.

Deep tissue massage makes movement around scar tissue easier

Scar tissue forms when an area of the body is injured and heals and among-st skin types with more melanine the scar tissue could be worse especially amongst people with African skin

Although the most common scars are those that result from a visible cut, which heals faster and, can give an unappealing look.

scar tissues after surgery sometimes occur deeper in the body, such as when you damage muscles, ligaments or tendons.scar tissue and, deep tissue massage abuja port harcourt ibadan

for all types of scarring that deep tissue massage can help resolve, the ides is to make it easier to move and promote greater range of motion, eventually continuous activity can help improve the scars.

Also deep tissue can be done with movements along side objects but you need to be careful not to hurt your client or yourself in the case of self massage a lot of care is exercised naturally.

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