Swing your arms for a natural walking pattern

General body movements helps with lymphatic drainage of the whole body, so that’s one reason to Swing your arms for a natural walking pattern✔
👣 Walking is a complex motor pattern but is often taken for granted since everyone does it. Just like any other movement pattern (squatting, lunging, running), you can be efficient and skilled at it or inefficient and dysfunctional
👣 Arm swing is one aspect of walking that is very important. The opposite side arm and leg should be extending at the same time for a natural human walking pattern. The same concept applies for running. The amount and intensity of the swing should reflect how fast or intense you are walking
👣 By walking this way, the body is making use of its muscle slings (posterior oblique sling and anterior oblique sling). These slings of muscle work together to produce the desired efficient walking pattern, reducing the impact going through the body at the same time (especially at the spine)
👣 Walking this way is not only more efficient, but easier on your spine. Be mindful of it, and make use of your body’s natural movement patterns ✔

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Swing your arms for a natural walking pattern port harcourt massage

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