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Calls from Lagos Abuja Port-harcourt and Ibadan about Buttocks Massage if it’s an erotic massage but it’s not, are there feelings of sensual massage effect effect oh yes but that’s when motion of the gluteus muscle is towards the buttocks line, here we talk The Buttocks, Massage & FAQs

The butt is not as sexy when you look at it through the eyes of Therapy at least for the sake of anatomy let’s look at this photo below

Here is A Picture of The Buttocks through the Eyes of Anatomy

The buttocks

The Buttocks, Massage & FAQs

It so happens that the femoris are the parts that create the intense sensual feel though all around the butt could be arousing but for that to happen the movement has to be done inwards towards the butthole or round and, round brushing the palm towards the butt hole lining, so if the sensual energy is to be controlled then the massage has to be done outwards. The main reason for the buttocks massage is the Gluteus muscle need massage.

The Gluteus should be massaged towards the outer part of the buttocks to create more space for the gluteus muscle, this induces a relaxing feel (hopefully with the right pressure going outward)

A lot of Massage Therapist will shy away from this part of the body even in a full body massage due to perception especially sexual perception or religious perception, for people in this category we suggest they do a rhythmic tapping in that way they apply some much needed attention to the buttocks that bear a lot of weight and, stress especially for those who seat a lot.

how a massage Therapist can bail if situation starts to feel awkward for you or your client

So like in the early write up i explained how the buttocks massage could get sensual and now lets talk about how you can bail out of an awkward situation, the Swedish technique of rhythmic tapping is the key but not tapping like a 40 year old virgin no! what you want to do is fix your hands like a fist, use your carpal bones to the metarcapal bones area now tap (this creates a lot of tissue formation) this will allow a relaxing tap that will fade off the present mood no matter what mood it is, then you can repeat the tap across the thighs all the way to the back.

Thanks for reading The Buttocks, Massage & FAQs for me butt massage is part of a full body massage but the skill is to work your way in a professional manner so you have a relaxed Client.

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