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massage therapist in port harcourt for home service massage

I live in lekki Lagos, been recruiting massage therapist in abuja portharcourt Ibadan and most parts of Lagos Hi how are you? Hope Great? So let’s get on with it, I have been recruiting massage therapist strictly @mmhsmassageme and, I won’t consider working part time or assisting any other massage service anymore like I did in the past. So here is the The Real reason why Male therapist quit home service massage in my own opinion and, based on my experiences.

I was having a drink with Azeez I met him a while around lekki Ajah and he is into fitness and, doing very well he has this body builder body, to be honest I wouldn’t recruit Azeez to be a massage therapist in an ordinary period but we were low on male massage figures, and I needed a male massage therapist to cover for me while I figure out what the *ell was happening with female clients always 90% of the time sexualizing my massage sections.

Long story short I asked him to take over lekki and, I was going to switch full time into Admin with @mmhsmassageme he turned it down and, I knew over a couples of drinks he will spill the beans.

The drinks went on, (back then I cared for alcohol) he started out with laughing at me asked me how I coped with the beautiful women and, I smiled and said well not very well given the situations, he pounced on the conversation from there.

Azeez mentioned how he used to crush on a senior colleauge in top management of an hotel and they had a gym and spa, he was managing the spa at the time, she turned up to get a massage and requested him, well Azeez didn’t object he said he went on with the massage, along the line it turned out to be an erotic experience after she reached for his zipper. Poor guy after that his conscience kicked in. He felt he had betrayed the profession that’s when he realized he couldn’t do this in spas, not to talk of home service massage.

He asked me how I felt if we weren’t brothers and he was a lady I would hug him, but I am not into hugging my peers, so I pat him on the back and I said “you made a great choice quitting was the best you could have done, you did great”

Then he asked me what I really felt I told him, “do you know how to do relaxing massage?” He said yes and I replied “no you don’t” you aren’t trained properly and emotionally you aren’t trained however the most important thing is to have a conscience and, I believe even if you found yourself in the same situation again and, again the results won’t be the same, I think you were overwhelmed Azeez, she was your crush.

The Real reason why Male therapist quit home service massage

Is because they are good people, and when good people aren’t properly ready for massage business the moment a session goes south they go north.

A gigolo wouldn’t mind the scenario Azeez had, but you see @mmhsmassageme they actually recruit good people first, then they train their good people to massage (irrespective of their training prior to their application) and they make them mentally ready to face several situation.

Well The Real reason why Male therapist quit home service massage is because half the time as male professional therapist the Ladies booking are after a male touch not necessarily after therapy. Male therapist are great given the chance they offer better massage than 90% of female therapist.

So give a male therapist a chance today thanks for reading ” The Real reason why Male therapist quit home service massage “

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