we talking Facials, Body Scrub/Exfoliation with charcoal scrub

we talking Facials, Body Scrub/Exfoliation with charcoal scrub


Facials with charcoal scrub

(more  inquiries &, bookings in ikeja mainland lekki ikoyi and, Vi lagos for the treatment at hoes and, hotels, read why)

Experience luxurious and detailed care for your face, nourish, rejuvenate, enhance elasticity, restore circulation to skin layers, increase the flow of oxygen enriched blood to the skin cells, lubricate, extract unwanted toxins, grease, dirt from skin.

Throughout the day, toxins from the world around us clog our pores. When your pores aren’t clear, neither is your complexion. Activated charcoal‘when used in a face mask’binds to and helps pull the dirt out of your pores, making them less visible (it’s the oil and dirt that makes them appear bigger).

we talking Facials, Body Scrub/Exfoliation with lekki ikoyi vi vgc charcoal scrub lagos fct abuja

Every session leaves you relaxed, healthy, fresh and attractive.(No breakouts, No reactions)
Treatments are ministered varying on skin condition

we talking Facials, Body Scrub/Exfoliation with lekki ikoyi vi vgc charcoal scrub
Clients benefits when they contact us

You get to know your skin type- Consultation and Skin Analysis
Exclusive treat by a Professional Therapist
Beautiful Ambience(candles,petals and scented atmosphere)
Varieties of Facials
Relaxing treat
Regulating treat
Collagen treat
Fruity treat
Corrective treat
Tea treat

Body Scrub/Exfoliation with charcoal scrub Benfits

  1. So if you’re plagued with acne scars, dark spots, blemishes and hyperpigmentation,activated charcoal helps lighten your skin by gently exfoliating it.
  2. Activated charcoal also lightens underarms!
  3. cleanse your pores and neutralize some environmental toxins,” cleanse your pores and neutralize some environmental toxins,”
  4. charcoal draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne.
  5. it can be used to treat some poisonous bites and disinfect some wounds.
  6. Beauty enthusiasts include activated charcoal in their daily regimen to whiten teeth, treat acne, and reduce blackheads
  7. simple and, fast process, Leave mask to dry for 15-20 minutes. When the mask is dry, using warm water and either paper towels, a dark face cloth, or disposable expandable towels, remove the mask. If using paper towels, fold towel in half, dampen, and wipe to remove the mask. Repeat until face is fully clean.


we talking Facials, Body Scrub/Exfoliation with lekki ikoyi vi vgc charcoal scrub

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Fuel your skin with the right essentials and you would be glad, remove the dull and lack lustre appearance of the skin, open pore and allow the epidermis breathe. Varieties of body scrub treatments are available for clients desires. All our treatments are naturals&herbs for best results. No chemical at all
Promotes wellness of the body inside out
Stimulate over-relaxed areas
Evens skin tone
Help skin excrete unwanted agents
Slow down aging
Coffee scrub
Ginger scrub
Oat scrub
Fruity scrub
Lavender scrub
Coconut scrub
Sea salt scrub




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