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Plastic &, cosmetic Surgeon in Lagos

There was a time when we all thought going under the needle was all fun but, now lots of people are aware of the tough recovery an, inconveniences that’s not to say it isn’t worth it, remember though that surgery will always be relative.

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Recently i ran into a Lady who had done Buttock fat improvement on her butt, the fat was taken away from the stomach, she had the best figure ever, she was discharge and, she was on her way to quick recovery.

Now she is embarrassed she can’t wear tight sexy clothes, she has to hide the deformity, she ruptured on one butt, the second butt looked infected and, fat came out from the ruptured butt, it had to be stitched and created an intrusion, the infected butt almost ruptured it harden up became really black and, the skin went dead she couldn’t feel it. well i asked her about her day to day activities

she didn’t know how important the gluteaus muscle was and, i arrived it was her bending and, activity that upset the fat, continuous engaging in daily routines when she should have been resting. She bent to bath and, scoop water, that movement alone puts at the hip bone which could have forcefully shifted out the fat out of her already thin bleach skin

Now there are a couple of complications with getting rid of the hardened tissue. Do stick around as i find ways to remedy the dead skin, bring it back to life, remove the darken look and eventually soften the skin for surgery.

stick around to see

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