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Yesterday at the massage training school in lekki lagos, A Young female therapist likely to round her her option D which is Level 1 basic massage training that includes

  1. Swedish massage
  2. Deep Tissue massage and,
  3. Aromatherapy massage
  4. Holistic Massage (Extra Course)

plus reflexology of the books click here to see more

She said to me that a Man over heard her speaking with Her Uncle who wanted a massage for himself and, his wife and he is willing to pay a standard fee of N15 000 each, He asked her “are you a massage therapist” she replied yes

The man went on to sexualize her profession by insisting she must perform sexual acts in any form and, she insisted on marketing her opinion that she could leave him in deep sleep (we all train to do that at our training center) The man bounce back to say he will not sleep without oral or handjob and, she invited him to the training center, although without my permission (I manage the center) and, he is yet to come, she did tell me and, i declined his visit

I asked her “do you know him before” she said “No” so i asked another question ”do you have romantic feelings for him”, she said ”hell no i just met him”

I explained that it was a waste of energy and, i wasn’t going to market therapeutic massage, not even a relaxation plus a full body massage because, when the body needs professional massage the body will know.

I went on to say, when a man is broken and needs fixing plus he is rich and, can import a prostitute from Brasil he would want a professional fixing in both worlds, that only professionals win at the long run.

Professional massage can’t be undermined, there are hardworking individuals who need the best therapeutic service, i am not referring to good people doing good things and, therefore agreeing to only good massages, but bad people who pause to say “i need real massage this time” and that’s where we come in and, there is no need to invite such energy to our Zone.

Would you like to find out massage helps improve sleep, cure insomia, fix muscles, or you just want a relaxing time with heated warm essential oil done quality individuals (ambiance set up with cndles, music, aromatherapy, petals decor), please feel free to book us @mmhsmassage 07036761574 whatsapp (male and, female therapist available) HOME SERVICE AVAILABLE in Lagos Abuja Portharcourt and, Ibadan Nigeria

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