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for home service massage in Ikoyi vi Ikeja lets say lagos abuja portharcourt (but not Ibadan) we increased the price list but why we increased our price list is simple because its the only way we could deliver on the standard of Our Business and, stick to our ETA

1. The New Price list for home service massage helps our ETA

we built our massage service around delivering massage within an hour of your booking, in some cases less than an hour about 35 minutes and, when you look at this scenario you will agree that fast transportation is the only option and, that’s cab service likeuber 7 taxify over anything else especially if you want the therapist to arrive fresh neat and well composed.

2. Cost of Materials

Therapeutic MMHS Home service Massage Lagos Abuja Porharcourt & Ibadan
Therapeutic MMHS Home service Massage Lagos Abuja Porharcourt & Ibadan

We prefer to use essential oil, heat them up and make a hot/warm oil massage while we serenade the area with music, aromatherapy and, petals these things require us to use candles, and candle lighting to improve the ambiance cost more and, that’s why we have no choice than to increase.

3. Attract Top Notch Therapist

A real professional cost more than the bootleggers, also a Therapeutic massage therapist has more value especially in their appearance and, composure, we can not stress how important it is to merge an high profile therapist with the situation or environment even personality that The Therapist intends to express his or her professional charm.

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There are other subtle situation that the increase has help with like late night massages, we don’t also have to charge extra anymore

we hope you understand have a lovely day 07036761574 whatsapp enabled

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