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In lagos abuja and, Port harcourt w have directly helped relieve fibrosis after lipo suction went south. Fibrosis is actually a disease characterized by the inflammation and hardening of skin tissue. fibrosis treatment after lipo sunction, lymphatic drainage massage ldm and, mld fails, this becomes an issue,

We doubled our profits was amazing more than double despite massage in ibadan not pulling through or contributing this is a 6th to 12th may massage bookings report

6th to 12th may massage bookings report  lagos Mainland

Most booked massage on the Mainland was Full body massage, and it was Agege and, ikeja that had most of the bookings, we missed a massage at Ikeja courtesy Therapist failing and, the Client declined when we offer to send another Therapist it felt so terrible, i still haven’t recovered i took that booking, and i so wanted that massage to happen.

6th to 12th may massage bookings report 
MMHS Massage Me

6th to 12th may massage bookings report lagos island ikoyi lekki, eti osa vi, ikota vgc and, ibeju lekki

Ikoyi had more bookings than any part of lagos island  followed by Vi Victoria island lagos, it was funny that lekki didn’t really turn up this week, Most booked massage was Relaxing Massage

6th to 12th may massage bookings report Abuja Federal Capital Territory

Abuja turned up stephanie and fumi were amazing especially fumi jumping here and, there WITH HER MASSAGE TABLE, recently massage in Abuja has had a good boost, we hope Abuja keeps getting better, it will be nice to see Abuja in full swing, despite reports that spas in abuja haven’t been getting a lot of cash in flow, The Dome had a great event opening still.

6th to 12th may massage bookings report Port-harcourt

ph has been great, Gloria and Deborah turned up, though PH therapist under The Manager in PH didn’t turn up, and Gloria traveled and, Deborah was so sick, during the weekend massage they all manage to put their self together and, the rest was history

6th to 12th may massage bookings report ibadan

Don’t know what  to say about Oyo state Ibadan we are hoping bookings increase soon, did i mention we prayed also. We have great therapist in Ibadan like shantal and Smart we hope bookings come in and, we hope we are able to improve, add to effort and, do the necessary to quickly rejuvenate bookings in Ibadan

6th to 12th may massage bookings report ibadan abuja lagos port harcourt mobile massage

Most Book Massage : Full Body Massage

Most Booked Body Scrub and Massage : Tahara Scrub

Most Inquiries is : Chocolate Massage and, Body Scrub

Most Booked City : Lagos followed by PH, afterwards Abuja

least Booked city :  Ibadan

most booked Therapeutic massage : FIbrosis treatment ldm lymphatic drainage massage


thank you for reading our weekly report do have a blessed we ahead thanks for being here MMHS Massage Me 07036761574 whatsapp enabled

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