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Are women using male therapist

My experience is in Lagos women use male therapist than port-harcourt but i can’t really place abuja it swings both ways, for ibadan women rarely use male therapist’

So about Lagos mainland women or ladies they seem to be leading the island when it comes to male therapist, very rare do you get a male therapist booked for a relaxation massage in Lekki as or Ikoyi or Victoria island but Lagos mainland almost as soon as a woman place a call you know she wants a male masseur, when calls come from women in lekki they seem to be about gigolos or something sexual (but not all the time, there was this time the lady was drolling over the phone if the masseur was open to finger contact on her yoni or even more, we brush off those inquiries and, don’t get upset like in the past though it remains embarrassing, i mean there are gigolos out there, we put ourselves out there as therapist), Ikoyi and, VI have a solid decent record than most parts of Lagos.

Now @mmhsmassageme actually used to book opposite gender for massage at a certain period till we started to have more married people as clients (our main focus was for family oriented clients) so we opened to same gender professional therapeutic massage it was then the Lekki results improved for women to female therapist.

Now back to Are women using male therapist ? yes they are especially the independent women, reminds me of the movie ”how stella got her groove back” Masseurs (male therapist) are actually better than masseuse when you collect feedback, masseurs concentrate on how the Ladies want to be massaged as compared to female therapist. (Are women using male therapist ? follow this link to therapist profile click)

Are women using male therapist ? ph yes Women are really into male therapist, yes there are percentage of females who are still scared of men touching their bodies, there are some who are very insecure of their bodies, then there are the married ones who can’t indulge in professional massage with A Masseur. but overall women since 2012 have opened up to male therapist and, it will increase by 2019 yea!!!

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