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We offer body scrubs in lagos abuja &, port- harcourt and, Ibadan body scrub is a unique experience that shouldn’t be done once and, here is why because the body gives up dead skin every single day, however due to our everyday life we need help removing dead skin, the only way to do that is not by bathing regularly no no

The only way to do that is by having a body scrub, in lagos body scrub is far more necessarily than you can imagine our skin is stressed our environment is polluted even i feel body scrubs are most needed by People in Port- harcourt is a must have especially when you are traveling to a new city, you have to give beauty treatment I discovered

(body scrubs home made, and home service in lagos abuja & portharcourt)

There are Several types of body scrubs
There are #homemadebodyscrubs and there are #organicbodyscrubs
But here is my deal breaker I prefer home made body scrubs also if its
Made out of #fruits or any #naturalconsummable then its certainly great for the skin when applied.

So I did a bodyscrub since I moved into my new apartment in lekki lagos and that’s what have helped me to bounce back looking fresh as always… Also when I shave I also body scrub the area to get the skin looking lighter and more appealing

body scrubs home made, and home serviceinlgos buja & portharcourt

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