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Could massage at home be the perfect birthday gift

a week ago on the island we got a call around lekki, the caller said a full body massage was his ideal gift to a friend, while within lekki a terrible break up leaving a Lady devastated, her Besttie also ordered a full body massage

I second 100% the heart break situation needs a massage but something is on the edge of this table will not speak about it for now. let’s continue on the birthday and why yes why the obvious question Could massage at home be the perfect birthday gift ?

First birthdays comes once in a year, in that period trust me a lot of People are depressed i mean’t a lot of celebrants are, except of course those throwing a party (secretly some too are depressed) We all look at the Our life and, think “have we really achieved the things we set out to achieve?”

Could massage at home be the perfect birthday gift

While our friends might be waiting for us to burst open the bottle of champagne our hearts already flowing with tears and, we are thinking “i should be married by now” “why won’t the contract come already” “i need to change this car”

But it’s the feeling of getting old the bad energy that massage seeks to vanquish as well, ( -i will explain vanquish like this if you are football fan, if you not you may skip to the next paragraph- The year Liverpool were mean’t to win a major Premier league title their legendary player slipped and lost the ball, they lost that game to Chelsea, this year also Chelsea came to spoil the party and, again Robertson another young growing legendary Players who also happened to be the ball boy when Gerrald slipped slipped during the game, immediately the Liverpool manager got up and stroke His hands against the Air as if he meant to expel the Familiar spirit in the stadium, Liverpool this time around beat Chelsea and boy oh boy the spirit was vanquished)

Could massage at home be the perfect birthday gift

Now just in case you not a football fan that example might not make any sense to you, but starting a birthday with a massage expels all negativity, it’s more or less a positive ritual that reinstates the fact that only you matter and being alive today is worth celebrating, the long strokes from the therapist strikes out the disappointment of life, the good warm oil neutralizes the the rigid effect of life, the full body massage is key to let you become aware that you are a rounded and special Person and, today is all yours. Today your birthday doesn’t belong to bad energy but to you

Massage is therapy at it’s finest and what better day to have therapy than your birthday

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