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Dukhan body and vagina sex beauty treatment

Dukhan body and vagina sex beauty treatment it is a solemn personal ceremony done after a scented oil massage, it’s specially performed by sudanese married women, or ladies about to be married.

women do this as an healthy routine for their most womanly part which is the vagina. A woman strips naked wraps her self in blanket and seats in a burning hole (modern times, modern furniture in form of stools and, chairs are used) to smoke her vagina, butt hole and, entire skin also benefits judging by silky perfection the body.

Modern chair or stool for Dukhan
DUKNAN INNIGERIA DONE IN LEKKI BY mmhs massage me sex vagina care
Modern chair for dukhan
DUKNAN INNIGERIA DONE IN LEKKI BY mmhs massage me sex vagina care
hole in the ground for dukhan








the slow burning dukhan tightens the vagina when done regularly and even when done ones the sensitivity of the vagina is more because it tightens so well a woman can drive herself and, her man into tight sensation sex  like when she was younger. it’s said to give a 10 years younger feel to the vagina for many women. This is a powerful tighten secrete

DUKNAN INNIGERIA DONE IN LEKKI BY mmhs massage me sex vagina care
A much older lady uses Dukhan to make her vagina much younger
Couples Massage Training abuja massage mobile service or hotel
Dukhan is also a natural aphrodisiac, get drunk in love









  1. The ratus smoke is meant to remove unpleasant odors,
  2. reduce discharge
  3. improve blood circulation.
  4. It supposedly cures yeast infections
  5. it is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
  6. the spices and herbs strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to tighten the vagina. “feeling like a virgin again.”
  7. strengthen the pelvic floor muscles



  1. helps the body fight of syphilis,
  2. helps the body fight of gonorrhea
  3.  also helps with rheumatic pain.
  4. boost confidence
  5. cheaper than surgeries that reattach hymen to tighten vagina and, its all natural remedy
  6. helps improve the aroma of the environment (like perfume eases the senses when breathing)
  7. men also conduct it occasionally to treat rheumatic pain (is frowned upon by northern sudanese society) various medicinal plants (such as tundub,  natron) are used instead for rheumatism
  8. smoothing the skin
  9. gives the skin a pleasant scent (due to the wood species used, usually shaff and talh wood, sandal Retus powder etc.
  10. improves chances of getting pregnant, and post vaginal healing after vagina birth


Dukhan body and vagina sex beauty treatment

to  find out more click read more about Dukhan whats it comprises of, and how it helps you relax and eventually why you should do this as often after your monthly period, for further inquiries to help get this treatment at our designated spots and, purchase the stools, chairs and, herbs call us 07036761574 whatsapp enabled. dont forget to click to read more

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