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Erection during massage, what to do &, what to wear lagos abuja ikeja massagew

Erection during massage, what to do &, what to wear, a major concern Massage-Me MMHS Clients across Lagos ikeja & Island Abuja Port-harcourt ph &, Ibadan worry about this, some speculation exist that a few percent of People turn down the idea of Home Service massage because of this.

But let me say here for the record that it is normal for a man to have erections during massage as it’s linked to relaxation, stick around and, find out why this shouldn’t scare you, and be sure no Therapist will think you are a pervert or perverting a professional massage.Erection during massage, what to do &, what to wear


The idea of being naked can make you stress Erection during massage, knowing what to do &, what to wear can help relax you but first who said you have to be butt naked ? you don’t have to be.

The Idea that during a massage you must be rubbed all over:

then again who said you have to be rubbed all over that’s not true,, you can have a very relaxing massage applied to various parts of your body ignoring sensitive areas.

Erection during massage, what to do &, what to wear lagos abuja ikeja massagew

The Idea that if you have an erection you will be perceived as being a pervert:

every trained masseur or masseuse knows that erection is not at all separated from relaxation for some individuals and, so no Professional will beat you down for having erection during massage.


being concern about erection before massage is natural normal and, understandable but it’s not worth your worry.  it is a normal aspect of anatomy and physiology, Professional Therapist know this, and they are taught that this happens even in Therapeutic massage.

other normal reaction from the body when getting relaxed include sleep, drool, or passing gas this shows tension relief. But, no one should stigmatize you for this, if they do show them this article if the negative attitude is coming from a Therapist teach her to know right after all the goal of massage is to relax. Try to always relax because if you are getting embarrassed by your body’s way of Relaxing then have invited a Therapist to try to figure a way to make you calm and, that could spoil the flow of a massage routine.

Erection is not purely a sexual or sensual occurrence NO! They can occur during sleep, anger or fear, relaxation( like during a good massage ).

Reflexive erections: normal physiological re

Erection during massage, what to do &, what to wear

sponse to touch, relaxation, etc., can go away within minutes.

this type of erection is ignored and, will go away in few minutes.


It’s a good idea to let your Therapist to be aware before time that there are chances of you getting an erection. you can add that the Therapist kindly igore and, it’s a way your body processes relaxation

The idea of wearing bikini fit underwear as a preventative and concealing option.

This works it sure does, this is 100% discrete and, you get to be free as a bird and, concentrate on relaxing

The idea of thinking anti-erection inducing topic, like retirement planning.

Well i don’t know how powerful your mind game is, but people who have been able to use the Freude Theory have been able to zone out during a massage and, they don’t have erections, simply by thinking about stuffs that you know will help keep your erection down also works.

Summary Erection during massage, what to do &, what to wear

Erections are a normal part of your body’s response to relaxation  professional massage therapist understands this. Therapeutic, relaxation or thai massage is a great option for stress relief don’t deny yourself the experience because of fear ..

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