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mld-ldm-lymphatic-drainage-massage-lagos-abuja-port-harcourt-ibadan/ fight seroma fibrosis fluid retention & lumps

It’s clear that a lot of massage therapist are pretty ignorant specially about the difference between ldm massage and, mld massage and thats were you fight seroma fibrosis fluid retention & lumps

fight seroma fibrosis fluid retention & lumps

When we have clients come after 2 months of surgery with fluid retention, lumps, seroma, fibrosis, and whatever funny body complication we reverse the situation back to mld principles and, try to improve the ldm massage knowing well that the clock has gone past the healing stage.

We use holistic methods to speak to the cells of the body to eject the materials introduced through the surgery (mostly through Tumescent liposuction )



But the best way to fight seroma fibrosis fluid retention & lumps is through the starting period of the mld massage before it gets to ldm Massage

When the Client is out of surgery the body is still open to rejecting the tumescent (even laser surgery sometimes use tumescent even vacuum all to compliment) the main thing is the body is open at that very moment take advantage spend longer time and get the body under control

HOW DO YOU GET THE BODY UNDER CONTROL TO fight seroma fibrosis fluid retention & Lumps


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