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Face massage is lymph drainage of the face, getting a full body massage anywhere in lagos abuja port harcourt or ibadan the highlight of the massage is usually  the back massage and, waistsometimes thighs but when you want to have a smart look a face massage is key.   here is How To Massage The Face

Why is the face massage so important you may ask, first a face massage done with heated wipes or hot towels, these heated wipes are treated with anti bacteria and, fungi and this is used to massage the face in a lymph drainage routine. learning How To Massage The Face is a good thing especially as you get older.

Flash back to 3 years ago when i had a very full face and, i wasn’t gaining weight i felt weird, why will my face be getting bigger and, out of frame, i don’t look very well with this, so i found out how to massage my face, i did it every day in the bathroom it’s now my usual routine, my face looks smarter and, firmer plus the shape is out and, the wrinkles reduced all i had to do was learn How To Massage The Face (Quote Ehis massage practitioner)

Physical Benefits Of Face Massage

face massage improves blood flow around the face

face massage also helps drain lymph nodes properly

face massage reduces and, ensure wrinkles don’t appear on face according to your aging process

face massage improves the eye look.

face massage helps your face look smart and, more appeal is guaranteed

the bone structure of your face  is enhanced with face massage

you look younger with face massage

face massage is sure way to do a face lift without spending a dime.

face massage results last long when done routinely

How To Massage The Face

How To Massage The Face lagos ikoyi lekki abuja mobile massage ibadan phc how to face massageHow To Massage The Face

massage the face towards the arrows just like you would do if you having facials, also you will want to first open up lymph nodes at the throat area and the ears before you start, my advice is massage along the arrow patterns

do this face massage morning and, evening every day especially in the shower or when you are creaming, be sure to expect amazing results over  time.

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