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Hysteria masturbation why Doctors and, massage therapist can't treat


  1. 1.exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement.”the anti-Semitic hysteria of the 1890s”synonyms:frenzy, wildness, feverishness, irrationality; More
  2. 2.an old-fashioned term for a psychological disorder characterized by conversion of psychological stress into physical symptoms (somatization) or a change in self-awareness (such as a fugue state or selective amnesia).

Hysteria – Wikipedia


Hysteria colloquially means ungovernable emotional excess. Generally, modern medical professionals have abandoned using the term “hysteria” to denote a diagnostic category, replacing it with more precisely defined categories, such as somatization disorder.‎Female hysteria · ‎Male hysteria · ‎Hysteria (disambiguation) · ‎Somatization disorder

The Doctors got really tired of treating this as a sickness because they were using sex toys, but you can be sure not all Doctors even considered treating this.

Just like Abortion every professional has his moral lines and that’s what make Us professionals, Hysteria was treated with vibrators and sexual objects for men and, women, the sex industry have various types of sex toys letting Professionals focus on whats borderline moral which is far more important than sexual needs, but this is an issue that requires help, serious help.

Sometimes Professional Therapist are convinced they have a business with sexual satisfaction but they shouldn’t confuse alternative therapy for prostitution even if they practice it, its important to see clearly always.

However in a fused society hysteria is a serious sexual issue and, massage therapist should let serious sex workers have their fill or leave the environment to the sex toys created if they think sexual relations can help.

Did you know massage as an alternative medicine can be used to reduce masturbation addiction and, help clients see the need to communicate their sexual desires with fellow humans beings than objects? They can get real professional help, include meditation and, stretching and, not let the addiction take over their lives.

Massage therapist can also help clients understand the need to not rush into orgasm, as this promotes one sided sex and, hence continue the journey of loneliness, low self esteem, pain, emotional disarray and, possibly depression, it’s important that Massage Therapist help fight hysteria and not make money of it especially Doctors as we have been called to an Higher calling

Dealing with hysteria and need help, counseling or referral contact for therapy call us or whatsapp 07036761574 or click here to read how a 24 years old lady who used to have 50 orgasm a day overcame her hysteria. Mild or serious hysteria is your body and, you can keep it under control

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