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to understand downside is more about how much you know, You may leave in Surulere you may likely opt for Grandville, if on the Island you may choose lekkihill, or Vedic centre these choices are based on location, but lets say you want to get a Lipo in Lagos, or in Abuja or Abroad you immediately look closely at the quality of result you will start to find some Surgeons are better for some procedures.

You may also find that some Hospitals let you handle your MLD that alone helps you find quality Individuals for your MLD to LDM massage, also is could be cheaper (that’s where services like us comes in)

You may also find that the after care offer in some Hospitals aren’t as good and, these are better perspective to have when choosing your Surgeon.

Money and Lipo

Yes the procedure is expensive but we all know that cost is always relative a Million could be affordable to some and, that again helps you narrow your choice surgeon by Financial discount offer.

Is there any after downside effects after Lipo

after considering the shortlisting you make personally the major downside comes from The Beauty massage therapist, maybe we could rephrase this “the major downside is in the after care massage” the thing here is if the MLD (Manual lymphatic drainage massage) is proper then the Ldm will come out right including the “modeling massage”

Whats Modeling Massage after a Lipo Suction

You leave in Surulere you may likely opt for Grandville, if the Island you may choose lekki hill, or Vedic centre these choices are based on location
modeling massage

in summary modeling massage is the process of defining curves of the body reducing or even eliminating localized fat in the case of someone who has done lipo this is the key to a super result (we will write more articles on this)

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