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Thinking of booking a male massage therapist (masseur) for full body massage in lagos Lekki Vi ikoyi or environs ? You aren’t the first to think about it

The question you might have is where do I get a professional or even a young professor in massage ? Well we can help with that but let’s skip the marketing and just talk about the difference between how a woman can experience massage from a male therapist differently from a female massage therapist

For male therapist is about details

Yes details

Male massage therapist often indulge themselves into the details of a female’s anatomy more

Maybe birth from the sexuality or even from the curiosity of opposite sex either way the positive influence when translated to massage improves the quality of result

However the mind is a powerful force of nature leaving the bearer in need to openness like many women will skip the idea of having a man do a massage but let’s say we can remove the idea of a stranger and get you to accept this in thoughts

Soon it becomes an open idea and the experience is always better than female massage as long as the lady in question can relax and be open to perfect therapy

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Lagos Abuja Portharcourt And Ibadan

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