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for a woman the certainty is possible for sensual contact because of the sexual attraction, sex is often underrated in massage circumstances but not within the environment of touch


within a massage therapist management system like ours male therapist are safe to engage because they have been around and male therapist are incorporated into training plus other @mmhsmassageme activities which includes events and massage mentorship

Are Male Therapist Professionals?

in recent times our training initiative have seen more male therapist training and it’s a massive improvement

Male massage therapist are always more passionate as well because its evidently clear that massage doesnt pay as much as oil and gas so to have these Men here is a thing of passion and beauty

Attractiveness and Male therapist

Most ladies want a male therapist to be attractive and neat if not all ladies pardon me but what’s more important is that they want male therapist seeing them as attractive

“a┬álot of people want to be touched by someone who they find attractive, or be touched by someone who shares in some of their same life experiences, or someone that they feel will be attracted to them, you know?” (Quote by theface.com)

Attractiveness is important

Male Therapist or Female Therapist

for ladies is a question of social liberation, culture/ societal impression, personal disposition, fear amongst others

These situations are not less important that words like openness, safe adventure, happiness amongst other positive perspectives of looking at things.


I have been typing with a bit of passion not minding my spellings so my conclusion will be brief so I can correct any spelling errors

In conclusion you are safe with @mmhsmassageme.

Massage therapy are handled by professionals and we intend to carry everything out with the best intentions

Male therapist mostly love and look forward to female clients so there is a good energy there for consideration.

Male therapist In Ibadan Smart

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