Here are the frequently asked questions for Massage-Me MMHS FAQ for Lagos Abuja Port harcourt PH & Ibadan thank you for reading.

Massage-Me MMHS FAQ for Lagos Abuja Port harcourt PH & Ibadan frequently asked massage questions

Let’s say you want anything changed: pressure, areas worked, position or if you are too hot or too cold  is it ok to speak up!

Please feel free to speak up to be honest it’s impossible something for a Therapist to read your body alone without you pointing out your concerns, let’s say you want a relaxation massage and, you realize it hurts in some parts of your body especially the joint, however you want the therapist to do a deep tissue massage on you except the given areas, then it’s perfectly normal to request and, have clear communication so the massage session is customized to suit you better.

If you have had a previous massage and, it was a full body massage and, now you desire to have only some parts of your body massaged like neck and, back it’s ok to ask for that too.

Massage-Me MMHS FAQ for Lagos Abuja Port harcourt PH & Ibadan

If i want a deep tissue massage do i have to see a male therapist? 

It’s popular notion and accepted  notion that Men are stronger and, bigger and can do heavy lifting however when it comes to Deep tissue massage it’s more of gravity body positioning and technique, but if your preference is for a male Massage (Masseur) Therapist then by all means request a male massage Therapist.

Massage does not have to hurt to be effective and, it’s best to share feedback and, communicate with your Therapist as some Therapist are naturally disposed to working deeper than others.

Do I Have to listen to music at all, if i want music must it be Flute or funny whales or can i get my music or request a music  that calms me during massage?

Studies have shown that music at under 60 beats-per-minute has a calming, relaxing effect on the body and therefore can enhance your experience, it is great to also listen to any music that calms you whether it’s a flute or whale music or even Enya, if the music is great to calm your nerves during a busy hectic day, then the possibility of calming during a massage is enhanced.

you may also request or ask therapist what types of music they have.

you may also gt your quality music even have your speakers and, work with your therapist to ensure the music you hear or do not hear brings the best out of your session.

Massage-Me MMHS FAQ for Lagos Abuja Port harcourt PH & Ibadan