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About liposuction and what MLD LDM Massage Therapist Think lekki lagos

Lymphatic drainage massage is a very unique massage for post lipo sunction that’s what we focus on at the Massage spa parlour in Lekki Lagos Island run by MMHS Massage Me

Everyday or almost everyday surgeries happen and MLD massage to ldm happens and the result don’t always come out right, so we also help reduce the risk of lipo procedures like fibrosis and seroma.

It will be great if you visited us and see how we go about it, with 6 sessions or even less depending on the challenge you could have the best desired body.

MMHS Massage Me Massage spa parlour in Lekki Lagos island

Can be located at Suit A 117 ikota shopping complex VGC we open 9am till 4pm Mondays till Fridays while Saturdays we are open 10am till 2pm




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