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Massage Therapist Rely on Tips especially in Lagos

Whether is a male to female massage (females sometimes don’t see a massage guy as a professional and, feel the massage guy is lucky to be massaging their bodies, that’s very wrong) in Lagos Abuja Port Harcourt or Ibadan or female to male service, Massage Therapist Rely on Tips especially in Lagos or any busy city where is best to take a taxi, is really about hygiene and, appearing fresh. Most massage therapists with MMHS make a least of N10 000 to N12000 per every massage attended to, so likely when a Massage Therapist works as much as 3 times that’s N30000 a week, but why do Massage Therapist still rely on tips?

Because the work hours are irregular, especially night session plus the traffic and the very short notice some Client’s give a Therapist to arrive, they usually take cabs a trip could be N1500 and, when you multiply that by 2, (to and, fro) you find a Massage therapist spends N3000.

Massage Therapist Rely on Tips especially in Lagos Massage Therapist Rely on Tips especially in Lagos

Some of them also work a second job to pay the bills. Unless they own their own business, they only earn a percentage of the price you pay, though they earn more with http://masssagememmhs.com.  Massage-Me MMHS gives 60% to 80% of the revenue you pay. No matter how much they make logistics could take a lot of their percentage, that’s why Massage-Me MMHS zones Therapist to work on Clients’s leaving in Their area only.

So whether they work as an independent contractor in a spa or for an hourly wage in a medical clinic, most massage therapists rely on tips to make ends meet. If you’re satisfied with the quality of your massage, tip your therapist 18 to 20 percent or whatever amount you can get for cabs.

Massage Therapist Rely on Tips especially in Lagos

” Did you know when i step out to massage and, the Client showers praises on me for my massage, and he or she doesn’t tip me i usually decline the booking especially when i am covering lots of distance to meet up with the client, you know the further the distance from where i leave the more i pay for taxi, because Taxi’s is best so i appear fresh and, neat” (quote from Anonymous Massage therapist with http://massagemehomeservices.com

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