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I wasn’t going to attack this issue but had to after receiving a couple of pictures from our regular massage client in Abuja FCT who had non invasive surgery with the guarantee she will lose excess fat.

non-invasive surgery does it make the difference in eliminating excess fat?

I find this non invasive surgery the latest scam in plastic surgery except you already look like a slim model non invasive surgery can’t help you rid of the excess fat, and whats funny is some organisation charge so much for a procedure that really doesn’t work on plus size people.

If you are thinking of non invasive surgery for a body that requires lipo you are wasting your time and, money, whats also annoying is that you will get swollen for nothing and, require massages (though you may likely be told you don’t require massages, just get bandaged) well you do, as long as you mess with the body massage helps with the healing process

Non invasive surgery are usually cheaper than laser lipo because they don’t work full stop, except you look like a model already and you just want to rid of some fat from your fat-less body, not a good option, i still will recommend exercise at-least during excessive you improve your overall health and, won’t require as massage except you need to feel better generally and, help your muscles relax.

Noninvasive surgery are non surgical, that means no incisions are made, just heating and, lights disrupting fat cells now how much can that do for a large person, these now leads to your body doing the work of eliminating fat which by virtue of your feeding or lifestyle you may gain the little fat you are ridding off back

Non-invasive can treat only small areas at a time

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