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@ostinpostop ostinpostop Austinpostop Austin Post Op

spelt @ostinpostop on instagram he is clearly the most talented Individual in post corrective cosmetic surgery for liposuction and, bbl, His advanced technique in post op has lead people to believe with good enough reasons that he is doing something invasive, but people who visited him for treatment clain he is more of an advanced skilled sculptor with a mix of alternative medicine and he offers nothing invasive.

Ostin in person is an Entreprenuer and co-owned a massage training school in Nigeria which shutdown since the covid lockdown in 2020 and since then he hasn’t considered reopening but rumor has it he did try but couldn’t find the space and, time to anymore since his clinic became the go to place when you want to be 100% post surgery

Though recently he has began this thing called ‘surgery revamp’ which in all honesty always existed within his service but their is a deliberate branding for ‘surgery revamp’ as he sees it to be the next big post op strategy to replace a second surgery for people who are satisfied with their results from first surgery but want to get their body back or even improve their bodies.

It’s pretty clear that Ostin (popularly called instaed of Austin0 whose real name is Odigie Augustine Moses liquidated a year back and, bounced back with the ‘botched sculpting’ treatment which he is mainly know for.

He does have a lot or some backfiring backlash from the community and that is majorly surrounding his preference to handle things quitely and somewhat unsocially

recently he is furthering he is more open also like to state he will be back on our platform bloggiong but only surgery content once again

thank you for reading all about OSTIN POST OP

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